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  In France, we find the most ancient mention of the patronymic SOUBRIER in the country of Carlades in the south of the Central Massif, more precisely in the Vic-sur-Cere's district in Cantal and north of Aveyron, overflowing in neighbouring Quercy.

     More particularly in the villages of Murat (Farm of Soubrier), Malbot (Meanness of Soubrier), Mur-de-Barrez, Jou-sous-Monjou, Brommat, Raulhac.      The emigration dispersed these families which we find in Aude, Tarn where R finale leaves the place in É, and in Spain.

     Westward, the Soubrier settle in Bordeaux, a branch emigrates after political proscription in Madrid. Other branches swarm in Rochefort-sur-mer then return in Gironde.

     To the north of Cantal we find Soubrie/Soubrier/Soubriez across France, in Belgium, in England, the name evolve in Sobery and emigrate in America... 
     That what we found up to now.

     You have other sources …you know the history of Soubrier in other regions, in other countrie:we lodge your personal page.

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